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10 reasons to use digital marketing

Οκτωβρίου 22, 2020 Posted by P.Notis


With the exaggeration of tackle looking technologies, little and medium enterprises sham anything to retain pace taking into consideration the assist and the take determination audience. Small and medium-sized businesses are varying their online matter models and intensification their existing efforts in Digital Marketing. This effort, if there is a aspire, will previously going on taking place happening a company to enter the each and every one profitable push, that of the internet.

In digital publicity we follow specific events of targeted audience and this explains the difference in the middle of a affluent and a failed issue. Even if your website has traffic, it does not aspire the entire if those who visit the website reach not attain.

The 10 reasons bellow will performance you why using Digital is probably the wisest investment today.

Digital Marketing:

  •  lets you performance a portion at the thesame level as adults.
  •  is more economical than conventional backing.
  •  converts visitors into customers by 85%.
  •  helps generate improved revenue.
  •  facilitates contact subsequent to a targeted audience.
  •  furthermore serves the consumer through the mobile phone.
  •  builds the reputation of our brand faster.
  •  provides bigger compensation regarding investment.
  •  Gains Peoples Trust.
  •  encourages people to believe exploit.

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Top E-commerce Key Performance Indicators

Οκτωβρίου 20, 2020 Posted by P.Notis

The amount of numerical and statistical data produced by an eshop is huge and often chaotic, which makes monitoring and analyzing it a real nightmare. Of the many data we have access to, some, if translated correctly, can lead to success.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the best and easiest way to measure the impact of sales and marketing actions. Whether you want to get to know your customers better, maximize conversions, or increase the value of an offer you only need one thing: read (and understand) the right numbers.

Below we will see the 5 most important KPIs, the ones that you should always keep in mind if you want a robust store with a good turnover.

  1. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  2. Lifetime Value (LTV)
  3. Average Order Value (AOV)
  4. Conversion Rate (CR)
  5. Abandoned Carts Number

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Announcement of cooperation between Porsche Design and AOC

Οκτωβρίου 16, 2020 Posted by P.Notis

Porsche Design and AOC have entered into a partnership that combines Porsche Design's sophisticated and functional design philosophy with AOC's cutting-edge display technology. Together they will bring great gaming screens to the market, designed for gamers looking for the highest performance, while maintaining their interest in the advanced look of their gaming equipment. The first Porsche Design AOC AGON gaming screen will be released in the fall of 2020.

The Porsche Design brand is synonymous with exclusive lifestyle products and represents precision and perfection. The essential design philosophy of the company is to optimize the form and the function by discovering new and innovative solutions. AOC is a subsidiary of TPV Technology, the world's largest manufacturer of LCD monitors. Thanks to the excellent, high-performance and unique gaming screens of AOC Gaming and the premium AGON series, AOC is the first in the global gaming screens market.

The synergy of the two companies, as well as their respective areas of specialization, will lead to amazing products that stand out in design and functionality. The first Porsche Design and AOC gaming display will be released worldwide in the fall of 2020. With this strategic marketing partnership, Porsche Design is entering a rapidly growing market segment - the global gaming display market volume of 144Hz and above has grown by 76% year-on-year based at the end of 2019. 

The partnership offers the lifestyle brand exclusive access to an enhanced, younger and much wider target audience with a strong community around the world. From an established history of motorsport, screens are a perfect transition from road sports to "sports" in the living room. For AOC it will be an elegant addition to the wide history of design products, this time in the gaming collection.

Article Source: TechSmart Translated by SeoKeimena

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Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020: Trends and Tips

Μαΐου 15, 2020 Posted by P.Notis

As we welcomed the new year, it's time to plan digital marketing strategies for 2020. GIM is a company based on future development, so we've compiled a list of the best digital marketing trends of 2020 to help you achieve them. your company's annual goals.

AnchorArtificial Intelligence (AI)

In fact, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is an increasingly popular marketing tool and has worked wonders for digital automation - remember Chatbots, interaction bots and Voice Search technology.
With AI, you can anticipate customer behavior, analyze data, and define personalized content more efficiently and accurately than ever before. This means upgrading your brand, better quality interaction and higher conversion rates.
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In 2020, we can expect to see better targeting of customers, advanced detailed forecasts and increases in personalized AI-based content. Don't be afraid of these innovations, AI saves time for you and your business.

AnchorVoice Search

And as mentioned above, Voice Search technology belongs to AI, but its power and efficiency for 2020 makes it have its own personalized trend.
Voice Search - Voice Search is a  speech recognition technology  that allows users to tell the device what to look for. Smartphones, laptops and special devices have this digital assistant that introduces the search query on request instead of users having to type it on their own.
The growing use of  Voice Search is  reaching a point where businesses have already begun to take this technology seriously and start thinking about where it could fit into their customer experience.
Mobile Voice Search is three times more likely to be used for local-wide queries than text searches. So why stay ahead of the competition? For local businesses, three key factors play a role in how successful their digital presence is in the future of Voice Search: location, interaction, and quality.
 Shoppable Content
All the marketing trends for 2020 show speed, efficiency and immediacy and we all know that online shopping has all three of these features.
Shoppable content is any content that provides an immediate purchase opportunity to a customer. This could be an Instagram story with a swipe-up or a product article that allows the consumer to buy directly from the post they are reading.
Shoppable content merges content and commerce and allows businesses to have immediate conversions. Applying content to direct purchases in your strategy is a surefire way to increase sales, expand customer knowledge and have better time management in your business.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

VR and AR have opened new doors for Digital Marketing innovation. Interactive content is a cornerstone of customer conversion, allowing users to have access to a world of interaction that catches their eye and actually presents products.
Some big brands have already implemented VR and AR in their strategies, allowing customers to try on clothes, see a piece of furniture that would fit in their home, or play with a cute, virtual puppy in their bed.
The key to this content is that it is interactive, personalized and reliable. The virtual content markets themselves allow brands to use imagination and emotion by telling a story to attract customers..

AnchorPersonalized Marketing

As the digital sphere becomes more saturated, consumers choose the content with which they interact. Personalized content, whether through email lists, contests or experiences, will be even more important in 2020.
In addition to visual strategy, it is important to personalize your scope and insight marketing to ensure that your content reaches the target market. AI data and programs are a great place to start as your ideas can give you who, where and how your customers are.
Personalized connection is the future, so let's make sure we continue with it.

AnchorLeave the Funnel in 2019

Funnel has long been a driving force in the lives of agencies since time immemorial. But, in today's complex digital world, is it still the only option?
Research shows that the funnel is no longer a one-way street, but a moving wheel that creates inertia from its next generation. The idea is that marketing should not be driven by sales, nor should it consider customers as a result. Maybe we should consider the idea that customers are targeted in a circular way and not treated as a one-way ticket for sales. This theory aims to empower customers in their brand thinking and encourage their confidence in it.
After all, the buying process is no longer linear. Customer loyalty is as broad and varied as the digital realm, so we innovate in our ideas. What the actual conversion will look like will be crucial in the coming years..

AnchorIn short

Those of us working in Digital Marketing are committed to continuous innovation. Every year it becomes more and more important to stay up to date with new technologies and strategies.
Analytics from 2019 may remind us that more than ever, customers want to be seen as separate entities. Personalized and unique content brings real conversion and lasting dedication. Creative marketing methods are associated with different audiences and allow for extensive campaigns.
The best way to deal with the new year is to be prepared. Keep learning, keep innovating and never stop aiming for efficiency.
If you have any questions about branding, digital marketing or current trends, feel free to contact us.

SEO and web design: together or separately?

Μαΐου 15, 2020 Posted by P.Notis

A company's website is, as we have said before, a dynamic thing. It requires monitoring and care and that's why it's good to have a few things, always in mind.
It often happens that we give priority to one or two things and ignore the rest or do not manage to deal with the rest. It happens and concerns both our personal and professional lives. However, what we leave unattended can be extremely important.
So if we want tangible results in search engines, we need more than SEO. We need good site design. The contribution of web design to SEO and tubalin is more important than many believe. If the two work together smoothly, then users will be able to do what they know best: navigate. Let's see what are the factors that need to work together..

Friendly on mobile devices

Normally we should all know the importance of this parameter. If there is anyone who does not have a mobile-friendly site, they should know that they have to cover a lot of lost ground. For Google, mobile friendliness has been a site evaluation feature since 2015. That's half a decade! However, there are still sites that have not been harmonized.
The number of people using desktops is declining. Respectively, the number of people who search for mobile phones (and tablets) is constantly increasing. More than 50% of the traffic to a site comes from mobile phones, which means that anyone who does not have a compatible site loses 50% of the potential traffic to their business. The numbers can be large.
A site with a high bouncing rate when it comes to mobile phones sends signals to Google that can overwhelm it.

Reusable design

Anyone who has worked on improving an SEO site can understand the importance of both content and how content appears. That is, design. A poorly designed site can make life very difficult for the user who comes to the site to get specific information. Pages with content blocks in unusual places, with too many links that do not have a clear purpose, essentially banishes the user that you brought to the site with so much effort. On the other hand, why should someone come if they can't find what they are looking for?
We have all encountered problematic sites. The problems may be in the choice of colors, in the size of the letters, in the choice of font. Just like with sites that are not mobile friendly, so with sites that are illegible: they drive away users.
The good thing about site designers is that they understand what it is that will "hold" the user and make his life easy, that is, he will be able to consume the content of the site (so that the investment is not lost).
The margins, sizes, lines, images and generally all the elements that make up a site are crucial to how the user is attracted..

Site speed

Do you know what delays a site? Did you know that it is very likely that the delay is due to its design?
The speed of the site is one of the most important parameters, from the technical point of view of SEO, and it is the biggest problem for many sites. If your site does not score well in the rankings, it may be because it is too slow and so users leave quickly.
The speed of the page is an important bell that will push us to increase it, improving the images, removing useless plug-ins, allowing the browser to cassette it, etc.
Even if we believe that our site loads fast, we don't really know how long it takes to wait. Ideally the site should load in two seconds (2 ”).
When it does more than three seconds, half the users will probably drop out. Loading speed is even more important when it comes to a mobile device. In this case, users are even more impatient.
Loading speed is also important for Google as it affects its ability to categorize it. The slower it is, the fewer pages it can read and therefore rank. When this is done, it becomes impossible for some pages to appear.
It is also important for the security of the site to have "https" encoding..


When it comes to detecting a site, web design can help in many ways. The map of the site is central to the detection of the site by search engines. The map provides machines with a content guide for all pages and content on the site and allows them to tell them which pages are most important. Obviously, the larger a site is, the greater the need for a map. also, the newer a site is, the greater the need for fast indexing. The map can also help the user navigate as he tells them where to find what.

Gaining the trust of the user

Unlike some SEO parameters, we can't really know how much trust users have on our site. However, gaining their trust is something that will lead the site to a higher ranking. There is no doubt that some people quickly form an opinion and when they do, it is difficult to change it. In recent years we have seen many perfected sites which theoretically offer a unique user experience. We expect this by opening a site. We want something easy, clean, to give us the information we are looking for quickly. We tend to believe that sites that offer this can be trusted.
If a site looks old, neglected or difficult to use then we form a negative impression which on the one hand takes us away, on the other hand makes our return more difficult. Even if the product (or service) is exactly what we are looking for. It is a pity that the site does not convey the right impression about the company and its products.
So we conclude that SEO and web design go hand in hand and give the best results, which is what is required after all.

5 essential skills for α modern Digital Marketer

Μαΐου 15, 2020 Posted by P.Notis

Marketing is now a field that requires a lot of general and special knowledge and skills. It is so multidimensional that even the one who practices it must be correspondingly multi-talented. Marketing has to do with understanding customer needs and satisfying them. It has nothing to do with direct sales but with building trust between the brand and the customer who will then make the purchase.
The same goes for digital marketing. Just all this "give and take", all this communication is done electronically, through a platform or some tools. And while the basic skills for a marketer have not changed (communication, curiosity, empathy, etc.), the formal qualifications have changed a lot.
In this article we will look at the five basic skills that are necessary to ensure success in the modern corporate landscape..

1. Text writing (English copywriting)

Text is the written part that aims to promote a product (or brand or service) or to lead to action. Given the multitude of online channels that now exist, writing skills are a must. Emails, landing pages, event invitations, paid ads, social media posts, chat bots, product descriptions. All require text writing.
Seo Copywriting requires a different kind of skill than writing a blog or technical manual, for example, because it must be able to attract attention, communicate value, and inspire action with a limited number of words or in a very small space. At the same time, it requires the rapid movement and adaptation of one customer's needs to the other's needs, taking into account common goals, platforms and a host of other things.
We remind you here that good text has flow, is enjoyable to read and is interesting. It doesn't need to impress or persuade..

2. SEO

Search engines are a key part of the customer journey, and this applies to almost all types of business. Whether they're looking for a hairdresser, christening catering, or comparing the features of one car to another, consumers are looking at search engines for information that will help them make detailed purchasing decisions.
Therefore, it is a key skill to be able to show a business in such searches. SEO is a complex subject and involves both technical and creative elements, which means that it alone requires a huge list of skills. So, you need to know how to create and promote useful content, how to make effective entries and how to build a site.
SEO is a continuous investment whose benefits (appearing on the first page of Google results) are irresistible. So, whether you are entering the field for the first time or not, it is good to deal with SEO..

3. PPC

The benefits of a business appearing in the first place in search results are more than obvious. However, it takes time for that to happen. One way to gain immediate visibility is through PPC advertising. This type of advertising ensures that a business is displayed on the first page, but the company pays for every click that the ad receives. More money does not mean more appearances. The parameters that affect the view are the quality of the advertisement and its relevance. These two indicators belong to the skills that a modern marketer should have. It is not enough for him to know how to allocate the available budget, he needs to know which words he will aim for, the channels and the way it will be displayed but also how to create meaningful experiences for your audience. On the other hand, the better the ad, the less it costs and the more profits!
PPC advertising is not just about search engines. The same practice applies to social media and websites and applications, etc. So it is an absolutely necessary skill..

4. Email

The simple, classic, well-known email, which we have been using for many years, For every € 1 spent on email marketing, € 42 is refunded! In short, it "breaks".
As it does it all, it is very popular in the world of marketing. Here are some of the uses: conversions, consumer information, loyalty building, sending exclusive offers, event invitations, useful content, reheating forgotten customers, and more.
It does not mean a marketing professional and does not know from email marketing. To build and use his lists to give value to his work and ultimately achieve his goals..

5. Conversion Rate Optimization

It is the last of at least five basic prerequisites that a marketer must have.
Why do the above four if you send people to your site and they just don't look at it without taking the slightest action? This is exactly where the fifth skill is needed!
The conversion is the action we want the visitor of the page to take (whether it is a purchase, a free guide, a list of newsletters, or an offer). There are a number of factors that affect whether a visitor will take action and the CRO is trying to find the conditions under which maximum commitment will be achieved. CRO includes skills such as: A / B testing, conversion funnel, bounce rate while the marketer should be familiar with the elements of the page that affect a conversion, such as: creative, call to action, page setting, colors, button position, speed, site structure, site navigation and more.
Only five, but already so many things that the modern marketer is called upon to do. And that's for now, because in such a fluid environment, things are changing rapidly.

How to advertise on Amazon successfully

Μαΐου 15, 2020 Posted by P.Notis

A short introduction

For those of you who haven't thought about advertising your products on Amazon (which also requires you to sell your products on Amazon), it's time to think about it. 76% of Amazon users search for the product they are interested in. It's a shame to miss the opportunity to advertise in the search and not stand out from the competition.
The oligopoly of advertising, which consists of the giants Google and Facebook, now has a third, strong player.
What matters is that people don't just go to Amazon to make a purchase. It also comes in to compare prices (90% of users), to discover new products (72% of users) and to start a product search before all sites (56%). 

What strategy do we follow?

The strategy we follow for advertising on Amazon is no different from the one we follow on other platforms. That is:
  • We set our goals,
  • We choose which products we will advertise,
  • We set up complete, clear and consistent product pages.

What has changed

As far as the Amazon platform is concerned, cheap clicks, little competition and few statistics are a thing of the past and even a distant past. Amazon's advertising tool has evolved a lot and both marketers and retailers are flocking to the platform.
The platform is constantly enriching its capabilities both in terms of campaign and advertising. Many of the features As competition increases, advertisers need to become wiser to ensure the profitability of their ads.
Calculating the cost of sales and sellers' fees are key points for the profitability of an Amazon campaign.

What types of advertising are available?

Amazon Sponsored Ads

They work with the logic of pay per click (PPC). They are based on keywords and the correspondence we know from Google (broad, exact, phrase matching) applies.

Sponsored Brand Campaigns (or title ads)

This type of advertising allows you to promote ads targeting keywords for more products, up, down or in parallel with the search results. You can target three types of keywords:
Branded product keywords:  ie a combination of product and brand.
Keywords for complementary products:  that is, a package of two independent products whose demand is interrelated and which can be sold together (for example ketchup and mustard).
itches targeted keywords of the products advertised are search queries that have already experienced success while running automatically targeted product advertising campaigns.
This category of ads (Sponsored Brand Campaigns) allows up to three unique products to appear in the ads, customize the ad as they see fit (image, title, landing page) and test the above.  

Image source : Hubspot

Product display ads

They belong to the PPC category and appear in pages with product details, in pages with user reviews, at the top of offer pages and below search results. They can also appear in emails for abandoned baskets, emails for follow-up and emails for recommendations. Its goal is up-sell or cross-sell.
You can target by product (products and categories) or by interest (paves the way for larger audiences).
This type of advertising allows you to select pages within the category you want to advertise and comes with a very good package of exported statistics (clicks, expenses, sales, sales cost [ACoS] of your campaigns, detailed page views, total sales and so on. average cost per click [ACPC]).

Amazon Native Ads

With this ad category, you can place ads on your own site. They are about recommendations, search and custom ads.

Video ads

You can place them on sites like Amazon such as Amazon.com and IMDb, on devices like Fire TV, and elsewhere on the Internet. Regardless of whether you sell products through Amazon you can buy this type of ad so you can put a landing page on Amazon, on your site or anywhere else you want.

Amazon stores

Users can promote their brand or products in their Amazon store. Using templates and drag-and-drop titles you can make your work stand out. Through this process the brands get an Amazon URL and can see the traffic data and where it comes from, monitor sales and advertising campaigns.
Please note that creating a store on Amazon is free!

Profitability calculation

Understanding the hidden rewards and profit margins of each item helps to better manage a campaign.
To calculate the profit margin, do the following: ((Turnover - (cost of goods sold) / turnover)) * 100.
In the table below, you can see examples with the profit margin of each product (ASIN is the number that Amazon returns to each product that enters its platform), after calculating the cost of sales, storage costs and advertising costs.

Table source: Search Marketing Expo

Post on the Amazon marketing funnel

You don't have to limit yourself to the bottom line, which is where consumers are willing to buy. On the other hand, there is a loss of competition. You can run campaigns for consumers who are in the process of being investigated. The key is to set goals and monitor them regardless of the stage you are in.
To reach as many Amazon users as possible, make sure you use all possible types of targeting: brand-based, product-based, brand-free.
High on the funnel:  with Amazon post (organic / free) and video in search ads.
How to measure: impressions, click-through and click-through rate (CTR).
In the middle of the funnel:  with branded advertisements and sponsored products (without a brand).
How to measure: appearances, click number, click through rate, new brand revenue, advertising costs per sale.
Low in funnel:  with brand-given and product-oriented products that target the brand's keywords. Also, by retargeting based on ASIN with display ads to "hit" users on and off Amazon. 

How to measure: advertising costs per sale and ROI (return on investment).

Organize campaigns for control and profitability

A well-established account will help make your campaigns profitable. Categorize them based on the brand, without brand, special and campaigns for specific codes.

Dynamic bidding

The bids are automatically adjusted by the smart algorithm, based on the probability of conversion. There are three alternative bidding options: bottom, top & bottom and fixed.

Bidding installation

Adjustment of placement offers can be used to increase the supply of page and / or product page up to 900%. Download the installation report to see where your campaigns are displayed and how they perform in each installation. You can then calculate the profit margins based on the position of the ad and evaluate the placement offer strategies.

Seasonality and search trends

Don't limit yourself to the classic "keywords for summer sandals". Keep in mind that you are looking for searches that take place throughout the year
There are users who search on Amazon for e.g. "Gifts for him", so you need to constantly monitor what is happening throughout the year to incorporate the findings into your design.

Readiness at ASIN level

Advertising on Amazon for sale is inevitable unless your products are completely ready.
So it is necessary to optimize the product page with clear titles, many product images, many and complete product information, reviews and sufficient stock (do not put low stock products in your campaigns). Product details, reviews, photos, shipping speed, response speed, stock levels and advertising make up a success scene for more visibility and more profitable sales on Amazon.